I am a fifth year Ph.D. student at the University of Connecticut in the department of Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences and a fellow in both the NSF NRT Science of Learning and Art of Communication and the NSF IGERT Language Plasticity programs. IMG_2195I work in the Language and Brain Lab under the direction of Dr. Emily Myers, who is my primary advisor. In 2011, I completed my M.A. at Texas Tech University in Applied Linguistics and Second Language Acquisition. Between my M.A. and Ph.D, I lived in Berlin, Germany, where I taught English, and after that, I moved back to the states and worked in the private sector for two years doing international e-commerce marketing.

My primary research interests are in speech sound learning and memory consolidation, and my current projects focus on the acquisition of difficult non-native speech sounds in adults and children. I am interested in individual differences in speech sound acquisition and interference in sleep-dependent memory consolidation of newly learned speech categories.

In my free time, I enjoy running, knitting, cooking, exploring my city (Berlin), and volunteering with kids in my community.